AmerOss Implants mission is to help patients afford permanent dental implants through providing economical implants and the training to place them, to a larger number of dental practitioners. Achieving this mission serves patients and makes dental practices more profitable and valuable.

Learn Simple implant placement methods that can be used to restore single or multiple teeth in as little as two visits.

Expand your services to provide simple implant placement that General Practitioners worldwide are now integrating into their practices.

Learn to diagnose and create treatment plans to surgically place and restore implants in your office using a simplified system.

On Site Training emphasis will be on ACTUAL PLACEMENTS IN YOUR OFFICE, with pre-review of Treatment Plans with mentor, using Simplified AMEROSS Placement System that makes Implant placements as easy as placing a dowl post, and with simplified Crown and Bridge Procedures.

“Hands On” placement on live patients In Your Own Office, with assistance of experienced mentor.  Averge GP’s are placing 10 or more implants per day for 2 consecutive days. This approach pays for itself!

 Surgical Kit